Co-Down actor Jamie Dornan has a huge online following … but he’s not a fan of social media himself.

The Holywood man, who has a few weeks to go on new releases – including Anthropoid starring Cillian Murphy – revealed why he doesn’t run Facebook or Twitter.

In an interview, the Fifty Shades of Gray star said: “I’ve been very inactive over the last year.

“Twitter I used to have a bit of fun with it, but I think I tweeted twice in the last year.

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“A tweet I made on Boxing Day morning and I was looking at my phone and I was obviously getting hammered on Christmas Day, and I was obviously going to tweet about Christmas and what it means, and I just had the word ‘Christmas’ tweeted’ at like midnight on Christmas Day.

“And I just thought you know what – that’s not what the world is looking for.”

Jokes aside, he said he was a victim of online trolls.

He added, “And then the reality, in my opinion, is the public interest [there is] inside you when you are on social media the more terrible people become and people start to say disgusting things about your family about your children … “

And he decided to “build a wall” and “take it away”.

He said, “What’s the point?”

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