With its latest episode, NBC’s Debris threw CIA agent Bryan Beneventi (as well as viewers) for a really compelling time warp. And this Monday at 10.9. Is it up to his partner to keep distorting her own reality?

In the first half of the two-parter, Bryan (played by Jonathan Tucker) and MI6 agent Finola Jones (Riann Steele) met a young man, Shelby (Keenan Tracey), while investigating a debris report near Oceanside, Washington. who … had actually met her several times before. Shelby explained that he and his sister Kathleen found a large cylinder with debris right next to the cliff by their house and that they were transported back while swimming two days later. But when Shelby repeated this process, he soon returned to a reality in which his sister did not exist.

Bryan and Finola tried to help Shelby, but when his relationship exposed contradictions to previous conversations with George Jones, they grew suspicious – causing Shelby to “jump” again and reset reality. This resulted in Bryan being paired with different partners each time through the loop until Bryan eventually jumped with Shelby and became aware of the unlikely odyssey. In return, Bryan was determined to find his way back to Finola, who in the last reality we saw was sitting on a desk in London and had never been assigned Orbital.

“I was used to a new script turning the page when it came. But that was the next level. Next level, ”Steele tells TVLine about the two-parter. “We knew this was coming, that there would be two episodes with skip and reset, but it wasn’t until you really read it that you were excited about how exactly [showrunner] Joel [Wyman] created it. Because it’s not just a leap in time. They are different realities. And it’s not just another reality, but the question: what is the real reality and what does it mean? And who is in the real reality? ‘”

As seen at the end of Part 1, the Finola Bryan contacted by phone – the one who told him her father’s story about “the soldier and the penguin” – was a little reluctant. Steele, a recent TVLine actress of the week, confirms that she applied a nuance to some versions of Finola she played in this arc to reflect her circumstances.

“You ask yourself, ‘Where was she in her life? ‘And she’s a Finola who didn’t go to the US, so I wanted that to change her,’ explains the English actress. “I wanted it not to be composed like the finola we see with the combed hair. Instead, it’s a little messed up. She’s not that bright and sparkling and confident. “

But if this stranger named Bryan talks lovingly about their partnership and how he is desperately trying to get back to someone – her – it could serve as a catalyst for this other Finola. “Perhaps this amazing encounter with someone in another reality, who says that he is trying to come back to you, that you mean something to someone somewhere else, would give her the confidence to make a different decision with her life, to go in a different direction “Observes Steele.

Finola is set to head in a different direction this Monday when Shelby and Kathleen’s time warp begins playing with the MI6 agent’s own reality, leading to her own parade of orbital partners – including Gibson (pictured above, played by Garfield Wilson) and even such annoying grace (Aliyah O’Brien).

“I’ve had some really great partners and it was interesting to build these relationships,” says Steele, previewing. And when Finola first faces Bryan and looks at each other through the “bleeding” of rapidly deteriorating reality, “The beauty of watching Finola look at someone who has never seen her, but who knows them in another reality, and it solidifies the truth and authenticity of their relationship. ”

Although the Bryan she sees is very alien, her connection is such that it leads Finola to take a leap of faith in the name, possibly to bring everyone back to where they belong – and hopefully before the universe folds in on itself from all that reality warping.

“There’s a moment when she goes with her instinct and decides they’re almost soul-connected … almost like soulmates,” teases Steele.

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